Measuring Guide
(A) Neck: Measure around the neck where a buttoned shirt would fit. To prevent the collar from being too constricting, allow for 2 fingers' width between the measuring tape and neck.
(B) Sleeve: With the arm slightly bent and hand on hip, measure from the center back of neck, across the shoulder, around the point of the elbow and to the wrist bone. If the bends of the shoulder and elbow are accounted for, this should give plenty of room for movement in the sleeve.
(C) Chest/Bust: Measure around the fullest part of the bust/chest ensuring that the measuring tape lays across the shoulder blades and under the arms. The tape must be held firm and level.
(D) Waist: Measure the natural waist over a shirt, but NOT over a pair of pants. Keep the tape level, but not tight.
(E) Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips and point of seat while standing. Make sure to keep the measuring tape level.
(F) Inseam: Measure from the crotch area to the bottom of where the hem should fall. If shoes with higher heels are going to be worn, add extra length accordingly.
If no one is available to help with this measurement, it is advisable to measure a well fitting, similarly styled pair of pants that are lying flat. The front and back creases of the pant should be smooth. Measure from the crotch of the pants to the hem.

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